A little bit of paranoia is always good

I use some Google services (such as Gmail) and I respect Google’s focus on innovation and its contribution to some Free software projects, but I must admit that I try to be as careful as possible when it comes to privacy. For instance, I tend to use OpenStreetMap instead of Google Maps when I look for a simple map. I use Firefox instead of the default web browser on my Android phone and I never let the Android’s GPS enabled when I do not use it.

However, Google will soon introduce a new privacy policy, that worries me. So far, your research history was not combined with other Google products. They could not combine your feed reader or Google plus account to target their ads towards what they think you were looking for in their search engine. With the new privacy policy, this separation stops and Google will use all its possible data to match your search or action to target their ads even more.

One simple step to avoid that is to follow the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s advice to have Google stop saving your search history. Do it ! It takes just a couple of seconds and your privacy will thank you (a bit).

And if you want to go a bit further, the EFF’s 6 privacy tips will also help you keep your data for yourself !

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