How to provide SMI-S connectivity via Command View EVA without HBA ?

What is SMI-S ? SMI-S is a standard communication protocol based on WBEM that helps manage heterogeneous storage arrays in the same way. Say you want to create a disk of 50GB on a HP EVA and an EMC Clariion, you will send the same SMI-S request to both and the arrays will translate the command to create the disks.

As Command View provides SMI-S connectivity out of the box, it should be easy, right ? Wrong ! (at least in my case).

Usually, you would have a fiber channel host bus adapter connected to the Command View server. However, my CV server does not have one. Also,  the EVA ABM (Array-Based Management), an embedded tool that helps manage EVA arrays, in my case a 4400, does not provide any SMI-S connectivity. The Command View documentation nonetheless states that “If you have layered applications requiring HP SMI-S EVA, you can install the HP SMI-S EVA component on any server that is either connected to the EVA/SAN or has access to HP Command View EVA via Ethernet.”

The hard task was to find how to make this work.

SMI-S provides a utility called discoverer.bat, located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\SMI-S\EVAProvider (yes, Command View only runs on Windows…)

Execute it

Press 1 to add the IP address and the credentials of the ABM.

Verify that the ABM was successfully discovered

Everything ran fine and now, I can discover my array through the Storage Provisioning Manager (SPM), a technology designed to present and deploy storage LUNs automatically as part of BladeSystem Matrix. I will write an entry about it later on !

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