Install HP Virtual rooms on Fedora 16

As a partner of HP, I use their collaboration platform HP Virtual Rooms, that is also available on Red Hat Linux. As I use Fedora, I needed to install some more packages.Here is what I did

# wget

# tar -xzvf hpvirtualrooms-install64-F4-

# cd hpvirtualrooms-install

# ./install-hpvirtualrooms
virtualrooms-install : /lib/ bad ELF interpreter: No such file or directory

Then I learned a cool feature of yum : you just need to enter the file that you need and yum will download and install the package that needs the file for you. For example :

# yum -y install /lib/

So, all in all, you need to install the following packages :

# yum -y install glibc-2.14.90-24

and then test it.

1 thought on “Install HP Virtual rooms on Fedora 16

  1. Markus Koch

    If it still doesn’t work or you use different versions of Fedora/HP Virtual Room, run “grep virtual $HOME/.xsession-errors | grep “cannot open shared” . It will give you a list of missing libraries

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