Mark Hurd leaving HP

As probably most of you know, Mark Hurd, HP’s CEO and chairman has left HP for, according to HP’s press release, reasons related to the way he conducted business with a contractor.

While Mark Hurd was often seen as a tough CEO, especially from HP’s older employees, I personally think he has done a great job at the top of the company. Some criticized him for having killed the “HP way”, which was one of HP’s fundamental approach of dealing with employees but, since Carly Fiorina’s time as a CEO, has lost more and more importance in the company. Despite HP’s R&D reorganization, some revolutionary products such as Virtual Connect or HP BladeSystem Matrix were brought to the market when he was a CEO. Mark Hurd made of HP the number one IT company in the world, before IBM and its financial results always (at least since 2007, year of my enrolment) outperformed the expectations, and that is, I think, the most important. The best job security is to work in a company that actually makes profits.

I was very impressed by Mark Hurd’s performance on the following video of the Haas School of Business. What I will remember from this talk is the mantra of any CEO: “To succeed, you need three things: to have a vision, to execute it, and you need the best people”. I wish the next CEO of HP will succeed as Mark Hurd did.

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