Move to Red Hat

After four years spent at HP, I accepted an offer to work for Red Hat, thus moving from Stuttgart to Munich.

I lived four amazing years at HP, surrounded by fantastic and dedicated people. I learned a tremendous amount of things. I could acquire a sound technical knowledge about enterprise IT environments and also learned a lot from my mentor and my colleagues. I also attended very useful and interesting sales and soft skills trainings.

This change to Red Hat is quite a challenge. First of all, the company’s business is radically different. I always found right to sell Free and Open Source Software and this is a great opportunity to do my job according to my ethical principles. Moreover, I change from the biggest IT company in the world, with 300,000 employees (not counting all the contractors and partners) to a roughly 4,000 persons company. Red Hat is clearly not a start-up any more, but it is way smaller and things need to be handled in a creative way.

I’ll take over a new role in Red Hat to support systems integrators, OEMs (such as HP) and ISVs from a presales perspective at the EMEA level. I look forward to passing my Red Hat Certified Engineer certification and to learning a lot. The fact that KVM is installed and ready to create virtual machines on all PCs inside the company is a great sign of geekiness and that is already a good start!

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