Switching from Gnome3 to KDE

I used Gnome for years – roughly since Ubntu Warty Warthog went out seven years ago. I liked the way the desktop was organized and I could even use 3D effects to make it very eye-catching. When I switched to Fedora last year, I remained on the Gnome desktop, which, in the end, provided very few changes to me from a visualization perspective (besides having a blue theme rather than a brownish one).

I have never been too impressed with what Ubuntu came witch, such as the Ubuntu netbook edition, although it did the job for the HP mini I had. Granted that I never tried Ubuntu Unity, but even so, I wanted to stick with Fedora and Gnome…

But then came Gnome3, the new version of this Linux desktop.
It is not that I dislike the new Gnome shell. It is very pretty, actually. The problem to me is that, although it is pretty, unlike, for example Apple products, the Gnome developers and designers could not bring two more factors in the equation : the intuitiveness and my desktop production style -which I am sure I share with quite a few people-. I am certainly no Apple fan, quite the contrary, actually, but I really missed here something not only beautiful and user-friendly, but also productive.

I need different fixed desktops for my music, to browse the web, to work on documents and to read my emails. This was simply not possible with Gnome, since the desktops automatically close when they are empty, changing their order. There is probably a way to fix that, but this was not the sole issue…

One more thing is that the 3D effects were far too slow to be usable. After having opened the fourth application, my desktop, that works like a charm under Gnome2 and KDE, became really too slow. Not an option for me.

The last thing that finished convincing me to switch to KDE was the wireless device that worked on the LiveCD but not after being installed. That really upset me, especially given that it works well under KDE (hence not a Linux kernel problem).

For these three reasons : because it is not sufficiently intuitive, because it is too slow, and because I did not want to lose 20 hours fixing a wifi stick that would work on another desktop, I switched to KDE.

I really think that the new Gnome shell is pretty and has value for some users, but not enough for me. That is something I love about Free Software : you don’t like what you have ? Then switch to something else ! Competition is definitely good for everybody…

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