Taking my privacy back

In the light of the recent revelations about the large-scale spying activities of the NSA (and others, including European agencies), I will be changing my behavior to make the most of my right to keep my privacy intact. I am not stupid enough to believe that this will protect me completely from intruders, companies and government agencies alike, but I want to make use of my right to do whatever I want to do without being suspected or spied on. So I will gradually undertake the following steps:
use Tor for as much traffic as possible, including web and email. This includes not only my home desktop, but my work laptop as well as my Android mobile phone. The Tor project can help you protect your privacy. The connection is slower, but that is a small price to pay. It takes a couple of minutes to install  see https://www.torproject.org/ Having already started to use it, I noticed how Google and Microsoft services hate to see you somehow anonymous, asking at every connection if you are the legitimate user of the account.
run my own mail server. I will gradually leave GMail, which -granted- is a fantastic service, for something like email at hmarcy dot com. Gmail is way to intrusive for me and giving my or someone else’s data to the NSA does not play in Google’s favor either.
replace Google analytics with Piwik. As I do not want to be spied on, I do not want you to be spied on when you visit my website. I started an OpenShift application with Piwik to monitor my website to not give your data away to Google through Google Analytics
remove +1 buttons. I actually installed a WordPress plugin on this website to share my articles on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. I removed it because these buttons will help these service to track your browsing behavior and that is just not right.
run my own calendar application. I will stop using Google Calendar and take an open-source replacement for it on my server.
use jabber. Using Jabber alone will not help protect my privacy, but I trust the jabber.org people much more than Google with their Hangouts. Feel free to add me herve at jabber  dot de. See http://www.jabber.org/
use Ixquick as search engine.
use the browser extensions Ghostery and adblock
use OSMand instead of Google Maps on my Android mobile phone (look for “osmand” on Google Play Store). It is a GPLv3 application !

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