webOS open-source !

HP’s CEO Meg Whitman has just announced that the webOS code will be open-sourced ! This is great news for the open-source community after the Odyssey announcement. This means two things : either HP takes open-source seriously and hopes to revive webOS through that move, or it prefers to drop the development entirely to the open-source community. I would tend to the first solution for two reasons : first, HP controls the update servers for all devices and hence a majority of webOS devices will remain updated through HP channels. Second, if HP wanted to drop webOS entirely, they would have sold it to another company (such as Amazon, who is eager to sell tablets).

WebOS was already based on Linux and on open-source software stack (with, for example, a standard Linux kernel, LVM, etc.). This change will benefit the community with a great component for UI development, as well as webOS users, who will benefit from more applications and a broader ecosystem in the future.

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  1. HervéHervé Post author

    It seems that I was right about WebOS: HP takes Open WebOS seriously. Why do I think so ? Because Meg Whitman, HP’s CEO, is still talking about it.
    I wonder which strategic position this OS will play in the future, though. Whitman wants to focus on hardware infrastructure, software and services for the datacenter and being part of an open-source mobile devices community does not sound like long-term core business to me. Maybe will HP do some future announcements that will help me connect the dots, but fact is : we have more and more open-source code around, and that is definitely a good thing.

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