Your Motorola MG7310 wireless router performance sucks? Try this…

In order to avoid paying monthly fees to cable companies, I chose to buy my own router, a Motorola 7310. The specs looked acceptable for a decent price but the performance out-of-the-box revealed itself horrible in our building where there are tons of other WiFi routers.

A couple of changes to the standard configuration helped make the performance acceptable, so if you have this router and your bandwidth/latency is not good enough, you might want to try that.

Log in to your router and click on the “Advanced” button.

Then click on the “Wireless” tab. Change the channel to “6” and the bandwidth to “20 Mhz” and click on “Save”

Next click on the “WMM” sub tab and turn off “Power Save Support” and click Save.

In the “Advanced” sub tab, disable “OBSS coexistence” and save

I hope these changes will increase your performance, but although I work for one of the best Enterprise WiFi companies, I am not a networking guy and YMMV depending on what type of building you are in and what is the density of networks.

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